Ostéopathie Rosemont Montréal

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a manual medicine, a complete system composed of its own methods of diagnostics and treatment: it treats a large variety of ailments. Physical and psychological problems affect the whole body. Discover the Osteopathy + Angus Clinic in Montreal.

Ostéopathe Rosemont Montréal +  Charlotte Catelin

Danae Ballerini, Osteopath D.O.

  • Graduated from the Institut d’Ostéopathie de Rennes-Bretagne (France) (accredited school, 5-year program).
  • Thesis: Tattoos and Osteopathic Dysfunctions of the Thoracic Vertebrae
  • Training for pregnancy and postpartum monitoring (OSTÉO BÉBÉ) and infant follow-up
  • Support to athletes during competitions
  • Digestive problems
  • ENT problems
  • TMJ disorders

Danae practised for two years on the island of Mayotte (France) before joining the team at Spa Escale Santé. Her practice adapts to all types of patients, from infants to athletes to seniors. Her poised, attentive approach translates into excellent personalized care.

Ostéopathe Rosemont Montréal

Mélodie Martinez, Osteopath D.O.

  • Graduated from Collège Ostéopathique de Provence, Marseille, France (accredited school, 5-year program – 2013).
  • 6th year of postgraduate studies (2014): pediatric, obstetric and geriatric osteopathy (all levels).
  • Trained in aquatic osteopathy and k-taping.
  • Thesis: Asymétrie posturale chez le boxeur. [Postural asymmetry in boxers]

Demonstrating extensive expertise, Melodie is able to adapt to every patient and every problem, be it musculoskeletal, neurological, visceral or cranial. She can also perform osteopathic assessments for preventive purposes. Her enthusiasm, efficiency and gentle approach are sure to meet your needs.

Charlotte Catelain Ostéopathe Rosemont

Charlotte Catelain, Osteopath DO

  • Graduated from the École d’ostéopathie de Paris, France (accredited school, 5-year program).
  • Thesis: Prise en charge ostéopathique des inégalités de longueurs des membres inférieurs chez le cavalier. [Osteopathic treatment of leg length discrepancy among jockeys]
  • Treatment of joint and muscle pain.
  • Treatment of severe and chronic pain.
  • Migraines, headaches and digestive problems.

Charlotte practised in Normandy, France, before joining the team at Spa Escale Santé. She treats all types of patients, from young children to the elderly, active or not, using musculoskeletal, visceral and cranial techniques to relieve pain. Her dynamic personality and attentiveness, paired with her extensive skill set, allow her to meet her patients’ various needs and expectations.

What our clients think of us

“My body was at the end of its rope: I turn to osteopathy, meet with my osteopath, and, after only a few sessions, I’m on the road to recovery. Thanks to his professionalism, his advice, his listening, his warm welcome … I am back on my feet. So thank you.”


“Listening to the body, above and beyond just where it hurts…like an army of mini-soldiers who continue to work for my well-being even after the treatment.”


« J’ai adoré mon expérience d’ostéopathie. »

Nuray S.

“Right from the very first session, I was impressed by the quick results and long-lasting improvement. My osteopath plays an important role in my well-being.”


“Excellent service d’ostéopathie. Les intervenants sont très qualifiés. “

Vicky D.

“A very good clinic, always greeted with a smile, kind and attentive professionals who are reassuring and who know what they are doing. Every time I’ve visited, I’ve left pain free, with personalised advice on what exercises to do at home. The best place I’ve tried, and that’s not about to change.”


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