What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a manual medicine, a complete system composed of its own methods of diagnostics and treatment: it treats a large variety of ailments. Physical and psychological problems affect the whole body.

Xavier Roger, Osteopath D.O.

  • Graduated from ISOstéo, Lyon, France (accredited school, 5-year program – 2013).
  • Treatment plans for newborns all the way to seniors, including athletes and expectant mothers.
  • Back pain (sciatic, neck, lower back).
  • Digestive disorders, gynecological disorders, headaches.
  • Thesis: Comment améliorer le fonctionnement de la clinique ostéopathique étudiante en vue d’une meilleure prise en charge des patients. [How to improve student osteopathy clinic operations to ensure better patient care.]

Curious and friendly, Xavier is an osteopath who is very attentive to his patients in order to fully understand their pain and offer them proper care and relief. During each visit, he seeks to find the most appropriate techniques to restore the greatest mobility to the many structures that make up your body. He also guides you to ensure your new-found relief subsists over time.

Mélodie Martinez, Osteopath D.O.

  • Graduated from Collège Ostéopathique de Provence, Marseille, France (accredited school, 5-year program – 2013).
  • 6th year of postgraduate studies (2014): pediatric, obstetric and geriatric osteopathy (all levels).
  • Trained in aquatic osteopathy and k-taping.
  • Thesis: Asymétrie posturale chez le boxeur. [Postural asymmetry in boxers]

Demonstrating extensive expertise, Melodie is able to adapt to every patient and every problem, be it musculoskeletal, neurological, visceral or cranial. She can also perform osteopathic assessments for preventive purposes. Her enthusiasm, efficiency and gentle approach are sure to meet your needs.

Emeline Bouvier, Osteopath D.O.

  • Graduated from the Institut Dauphine d’Ostéopathie, Paris, France (accredited school, 5-year program).
  • Neck and back pain.
  • Abdominal pain, chest pain and limb pain.
  • Postural imbalances.
  • Thesis: La polyarthrite rhumatoïde: prise en charge ostéopathique. [Rheumatoid arthritis: Osteopathy treatment plans.]

Dynamic and attentive, Emeline is well in tune with her patients’ expectations. Using mainly musculoskeletal, visceral and cranial techniques, she will provide you with personalized care to relieve your pain and restore your mobility.

Franc Kurani, Physiotherapist, MScPT

  • Graduated from the University of Montreal with a Masters in Physical Therapy (2017).
  • Provides treatment for various musculoskeletal problems (sprains, tendinitis, capsulitis, low back pain and cervicodynia).
  • His experience includes neurological conditions, cardiovascular and respiratory afflictions and serious burn victims.
  • Master’s clinical research project: Effets de la rééducation sensitive sur la douleur, la sensibilité cutanée et la fonction chez des personnes avec lésion nerveuse périphérique affectant la main. [The impacts of sensitive rehabilitation on pain, skin sensitivity and functionality among individuals with peripheral nerve damage to the hand.]

During your initial physiotherapy assessment, Franc will be able to determine which structures or deficits are to blame for your pain. He will then adapt his treatment plan based on your situation. This passionate physiotherapist offers highly attentive care to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible!