Naturopathy is based on a number of approaches, such as:
•herbal medicine
•stress management
•physical activity
Our service offer:
•First session 1h30
•1h session
•Food schedule
•1h visit at the food market

Alos, 3 sessions package available

Frequently asked questions

1. What is naturopathy?
Naturopathy is a method aiming to attain or maintain global and optimal health for every individual. This method aims to obtain a better life-style management and to thus provide the organism with the most favourable means to maintain its self-healing powers through uniquely natural means.

2. What natural methods are used to relieve or treat specific symptoms?
– nutrition
– stress management
– management of emotions
– orthomolecular nutritherapy (supplementation)
– herbal medicine
– aromatherapy
– the environment
– physical activity

3. Who can benefit from naturopathy?
Everybody can benefit from naturopathy – from conception right down to the accompanying of the end of life. Naturopathy plays a great preventative role and also provides excellent curative measures.

4. What are the health problems that can be treated through naturopathy?

– weight management
– sleep disturbances
– digestive problems (bloating, constipation, abdominal pains, diarrhoea, etc.)
– skin problems (eczema, acne, psoriasis)
– increasing your cognitive and sport performance
– increasing your vital energy (fatigue, lack of energy)
– inflammatory diseases
– PMS: mood swings, painful breasts, irritability, etc.
– headaches and migraines
– decreased libido
– pregnancy preparation and follow-up during and after pregnancy

5. How long does a naturopathy session last and what happens during these sessions?

The initial session lasts 90 minutes and is an evaluation session. The subsequent sessions are follow-up sessions of one hour. During the evaluation, we complete a questionnaire allowing to clearly establish your needs. It is difficult to estimate the number of sessions required per patients, since these depend entirely on the patient’s condition and the evolution of his/her state of health. The naturopath therefore determines each case individually. Usually we estimate three months treatment to re-establish a balance for acute conditions. Chronic conditions generally require about six months of intervention.

6. What is the difference between a naturopath and a nutritionist?
The naturopath uses a global approach to increase the patient’s health and addresses the root cause of health issues. The aim is not to treat the symptoms of a certain illness, but to detect the cause of it and then help the patient by using natural remedies.

7. Are naturopathy sessions reimbursed by the RAMQ?
No, they are not. Nonetheless, most private insurance companies reimburse a part or all of the consultation fee.


What our clients think of us

« I loved the place! Clean, nice baths, friendly staff and snacks offered! I will go back again. »

Isabel T.

« Very good spa with very good services. I would recommend it. »

Kevin E.

« I loved my experience! The baths and the atmosphere are very relaxing and the service is incredible! »

Méghane L.

« I loved my moment of relaxation in this spa. I was able to relax in silence and enjoy chocolates and a smoothie »

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« Access to the baths is included with the massage, great concept! »

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« A warm welcome, competent and professional staff and a peaceful and clean environment! I definitely recommend it »

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«  I had a wonderful time relaxing! The massage and the welcome were incredible. Everyone was smiling »

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